What Is a Board of Directors?

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The board of directors is an governing body elected by shareholders to establish corporate policies and supervise the company. The structure of a board can vary and the company’s bylaws can determine the number of members who are on the board, as well as how often they meet, and the election procedures. A board usually consists of both company insiders familiar with the organization’s internal operations and qualified people outside the company who have expertise in an associated field.

The board is an organization of strategic importance that oversees the CEO’s pursuit of goals in keeping with the overall goals of the company. When the CEO can’t be everywhere the board acts as an ointment and assist the company in navigating unfamiliar waters. A successful board requires an attentive eye to identify those with the right abilities and experience, as well as committed to the company’s mission. The keeping of a database of prospective candidates is a great way to find the perfect suitable candidate for a job.